December 3, 2020

TALES DISPATCH: The Pale Men Sign Off

TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE The Podcast, a weekly show curated by the Pale Men Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden, launched October 1st, 2019—with a brief hiatus during he Covid Summer of 2020—is hereby announcing a temporary sabbatical.

Says McQuaid: Getting our Tales out to new ears via the podcast has been a wild and rewarding ride and I can’t wait to get back to it but as I’m currently developing a feature film in Ireland it’s time to take a little break. We’ll be back in the near future with new content, in the meantime  I hope people will enjoy the incredible wealth of audio-dramas we’ve released over the years. Thank you to all the collaborators thus far, and thank you Larry Fessenden for being the best partner!

Says Fessenden: Thanks Glenn, so grateful for our partnership and for the artistic outlet that has been Tales. Thanks also to our podcast tech gurus Lee Nussbaum and James Felix McKenney. We will be back with more, just need to wrangle our collaborators and come up with a plan for a new crop of stories. Thanks to all who have stayed tuned and supported our efforts. Until next time, listeners, this is McQuaid and Fessenden, signing off.

We leave you with our documentary chronicling the origins of TALES created during the live productions at Dixon Place in NYC for Season 2 entitled

Now available as an audio podcast
(for the sonically adventurous)
and on YouTube for the first time!

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