Monthly Archives: November 2010

The Hole Digger News

We knew it would have to happen eventually: TALES host and producer Fessenden offers his own audio drama with the haunted tale of childhood THE HOLE DIGGER. Meanwhile, the TALES blog at FearNet continues to roll out posts from all our collaborators, most recently and deliciously an awesome peak into the creative process of our […]

Johnny Boy News

We are back with director JT Petty (IS THIS SEAT TAKEN?), this time with his own script, JOHNNY BOY, a twisted family tale that’s the perfect listening material for your Holiday travels. And check out the new TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE blog at, with all the latest from our array of collaborators. There’s […]

This Oracle Moon

We are excited to be joined this week by our old pals Ron Perlman and Doug Jones and to present our first science fiction tale. Also a first, this Tale was recorded in our West Coast facility The Hobby Shop. Tales has been getting a little press in the last week, from The New York […]

Introducing "Is this Seat Taken?"

We hope you enjoy Sarah Langan twisted romance this week. And keep an eye out for some sci-fi coming up next… Here’s a little interview about Tales… from Mark Ramsey Media “The Return of Horror Radio.”

New Episode!

We are back with a new episode and a few adjustments to the website. We trust you had a good Halloween. You’ll forgive us for having our way with this pumpkin… Today’s episode is from Simon Rumley, and we think you will have your tongues lying on the floor when this one is over… Enjoy…