Larry Fessenden

curator and producer

Is the director of the art-horror films NO TELLING, HABIT, WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER and BENEATH. He is a producer on dozens of projects in and out of the horror genre including STAKE LAND, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, I SELL THE DEAD, THE COMEDY, and WENDY AND LUCY as well as the audio series TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, created with the mad Irishman Glenn McQuaid. Fessenden has operated Glass Eye Pix since 1985 with the mission of supporting individual voices in the arts.

Glenn McQuaid

curator and producer

Writer director Glenn McQuaid was born and raised on the North side of Dublin. McQuaid’s first Collaboration with Larry Fessenden came about when he coordinated the visual effects on THE ROOST. Since then he has worked on several of Glass Eye Pix productions including THE LAST WINTER, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and STAKELAND. McQuaid’s feature debut I Sell the Dead was a festival favorite that sold to IFC and is currently available to rent or buy at all decent retailers. He is currently curating TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, and developing various feature projects.

Lisa Wisely


Lisa is a partner in The Work Room Productions and feature film producer with work that includes teh critically acclaimed feature film AUTOMATONS as well as SATAN HATES YOU which is currently showing in festivals worldwide. She has worked as a producer and Business Manager for several film companies including Glass Eye Pix (THE LAST WINTER, I SELL THE DEAD, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) and Noujaim Films (CONTROL ROOM, STARTUP.COM), Inc. and heads up all operations at Channel Midnight Releasing, an independent feature film distribution company.

Gary Pullin

logo and graphics

“Ghoulish” Gary Pullin is an award-winning freelance artist residing in Toronto Canada and has steadily carved out his own unique niche with-in the genre he loves – horror. In 2009 he was voted artist of the year at the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, an organization which recognizes professionals working in the horror realm. For over ten years he made his mark as Art Director at Rue Morgue Magazine, the world’s leading genre publication dedicated to horror in culture and entertainment. His artwork and influence at Rue Morgue helped shape the ever-evolving face of horror, leading him to work with many notable contemporaries such as musician/filmmaker Rob Zombie and artist Mike Mignola (Hellboy), as well as the influences that inspired him to create in the first place, such as horror icons Clive Barker and Basil Gogos. Gary’s work has hung in galleries across the globe and has been published in numerous publications, such as Royal Flush and the heavy metal magazine Revolver. When he’s not making monsters, Gary is Rue Morgue’s resident art columnist for The Fright Gallery and has been interviewed for several genre-related documentaries, the latest being Fanboy Confessional – a TV series on SPACEchannel about fans and personalities with an undying love for counter-culture.”


web animation

started his career as a stop-motion animator and director in the eighties, at a handful of New York City animation houses, During those years, a teenaged Voltaire animated stop-motion commercials for Budweiser, Ikea, RC cola, Hess, Parker Brothers, Kellogg’s, Arm and Hammer, Marvel and many others. Voltaire went on to direct a handful of horror, sci-fi and Halloween oriented station IDs for SyFy Channel, USA Networks, Discovery, The Learning Channel, Fangoria and others. After a ten year hiatus from the film business that saw Voltaire develop a large following for his music, comic books and toys, Aurelio Voltaire has returned to making films for the love of it. He is presently working on a series of shorts call the “Chimerascope series”. The first four films in the series are narrated by Danny Elfman (Oingo Boingo), Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance), Deborah Harry (Blondie) and Richard Butler (The Psychedelic Furs). The films have toured the festival circuit and have been seen at scores of horror and animation film festivals around the world as well as collected a handful of awards.

Jeff Grace

theme music

is a composer working for film, concert and stage. His work has been performed by Flux Quartet, Bulgarica Philharmonia, Lucia Micarelli, Valentina Farcas (Berlin Comic Opera), Marcus DeLoach (New York City Opera), Kenny Barron and members of the Metropolitan and New York Philharmonic orchestras.Jeff’s recent film credits include Jim Mickle’s STAKE LAND, Kelly Reichardt’s MEEK’S CUTOFF, Larry Fessenden’s THE LAST WINTER, Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, THE ROOST, TRIGGER MAN, and Ilya Chaiken’s LIBERTY KID, as well as NBC’s Fear Itself episode SKIN & BONES. From 2001 to 2004 Jeff was an assistant to Academy Award winning composer Howard Shore working on the three films of Peter Jackson’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, Martin Scorsese’s THE GANGS OF NEW YORK, David Cronenberg’s SPIDER, David Fincher’s PANIC ROOM, and Frank Oz’s THE SCORE. Through that association, Jeff worked with such artists as Renee Fleming, Annie Lennox, Enya, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Kronos Quartet, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Terry Edward’s London Voices, and top studio orchestras and musicians in London, Los Angeles and New York.

DigIt Audio, Inc NYC

audio post facility

DigIt audio is a full service audio post production facility specializing in Sound design and mixing for film and television. Digit has provided sound design and mixing facilities from action features like UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENEARTION to indie classics HALF NELSON, LAUREL CANYON, HAPPINESS, HIGH ART, ANOTHER GAY MOVIE, JOSHUA and dozens of documentaries from SOUL POWER to ROMAN POLANSKI: WANTED AND DESIRED. DigIt audio has partnered with Glass Eye Pix on over a dozen projects since 2001 including WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER, THE ROOST, TRIGGER MAN, AUTOMATONS, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, LIBERTY KID, I SELL THE DEAD, BITTER FEAST, and STAKE LAND.

Glass Eye Pix

production company

GLass Eye Pix (“one of the indie scene’s most productive and longest-running companies” —Filmmaker magazine) is the fiercely independent NYC-based production outfit headed by art-horror auteur Larry Fessenden (THE LAST WINTER, WENDIGO, HABIT, NBC’s Fear Itself). Fessenden (winner of the 2009 Golden Hammer Award) has operated the company since 1985, with the mission of supporting individual voices in the arts. Glass Eye Pix has produced numerous critically acclaimed films in and out of the horror genre, including 2011’s THE INNKEEPERS (Ti West) 2009’s WENDY AND LUCY (Kelly Reichardt), THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (Ti West), SATAN HATES YOU (James McKenney) and 2008’s LIBERTY KID (Ilya Chaiken). Through its low budget horror banner, Scareflix, Glass Eye Pix has nurture emerging talents of the genre,  in the films THE ROOST and TRIGGER MAN (Ti West), THE OFF SEASON and AUTOMATONS (James Felix McKenney), and I CAN SEE YOU and THE VIEWER by Graham Reznick and Glenn McQuaid’s gently macabre I SELL THE DEAD. 2011 will see the release of three new Scareflix produced by Fessenden and partners Peter Phok and Brent Kunkle in collaboration with Dark Sky Films. The movies, BITTER FEAST (Joe Maggio), STAKE LAND (Jim Mickle) and HYPOTHERMIA (James Felix McKenney), continue the Glass Eye Pix mission of haunting audiences’ dreams with boldly original work.