Monthly Archives: December 2010

Demon Delayed

Greetings, loyal listener! We hope you’ve stopped in to check for another episode of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE as you do every Tuesday. Well, not to dissapoint, but the next and final episode of this season will launch next week. Seems some of us at Pale HQ were making a bit too merry these […]

Glenn McQuaid’s Trawler is live!

This week’s tale comes from the mind of TALES producer and co-curator Glenn McQuaid himself. It should delight fans of the odd and off kilter with a robust soundscape that may leave some listeners waterlogged and groping for terra firma. With this tale we take a much needed week off before wrapping up Season One in […]

Graham Reznick’s The Grandfather stars Angus Scrimm

We are very pleased that our newest tale is from the Glass Eye Pix in house sound designer and all around talent Graham Reznick. THE GRANDFATHER was written, directed, designed, scored and mixed by Graham (with a final polish by Jeff Sellye and DIGit Audio. Graham’s piece was also the first show to record back […]

The Conformation is live!

100% medically acurate, Paul Solet’s tale is sure to strike a cord with those who have a hankering for physical perfection… For the rest of us, a thrilling ride through the mind of one of horror’s true up and coming auteurs.