Monthly Archives: November 2013

Macabre Memoirs

Ahhh memories, Audiophiles. Time changes how we remember things… sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. We thought you might enjoy these macabre memoirs while you ease into the holidays. So sit back. Close your eyes. And… listen… to Larry Fessenden’s “The Hole Digger” and Glenn McQuaid’s “The Crush,” now streaming at the […]

TALES Double Bill: Family Strife

Greetings Audiophiles, As we head into the Holiday Season, we at the Tales HQ thought it worth reminding you that family life is often better called… family strife. See what we mean with Joe Maggio’s “Man On The Ledge” and Sarah Langan’s “Is This Seat Taken?” streaming now at the TALES Listening Room. Until next […]

Something For The Mind & Body

Greetings Audiophiles, this week we feature two tales concerned with matters of the mind and body. I’m not quite sure we can say that either are particularly… healthy… Graham Reznick’s “The Grandfather” and Paul Solet’s “The Conformation” are now streaming at the Tales Listening Room. Until next time, listener…

Dead Don’t Stay Dead

Greetings, Audiophiles. In this week’s double bill, we think you’ll find the dead don’t always stay dead. We hope you’ll find Ashley Thorpe’s “Dead Man’s Shoes” and Simon Barrett’s “Dead Air”… lively. Until next time, Listener…