Jeff Seelye

has been working at DigIt Audio since 2008 as a technical engineer and sound editor. He was sound editor on BITTER FEAST, STAKE LAND, THE TILLMAN STORY and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION, among many other titles. MAN ON THE LEDGE is Sellye’s first radio program.

Man on the Ledge – Crew

Man on the Ledge – Cast

Ilya Chaiken

Is the writer/director of the critically acclaimed 9/11 drama LIBERTY KID which is now available from Kino International. Chaiken’s debut feature MARGARITA HAPPY HOUR premiered at Sundance 2001 and proceeded to such prestigious festivals as Los Angeles and Toronto before receiving distribution from Wellspring. She returned to Sundance in 2004 with the comedic short “The […]

Jeff Grace

is a composer working for film, concert and stage. His work has been performed by Flux Quartet, Bulgarica Philharmonia, Lucia Micarelli, Valentina Farcas (Berlin Comic Opera), Marcus DeLoach (New York City Opera), Kenny Barron and members of the Metropolitan and New York Philharmonic orchestras.Jeff’s recent film credits include Jim Mickle’s STAKE LAND, Kelly Reichardt’s MEEK’S […]