director and husband JT Petty with writer Sarah Langan

“Audio drama reminds me of the old sci-fi radio shows from the 30s and 40s, when writers were king. I feel we should all go back to that era, and recrown all writers as kings. Even copywriters like Peggy Olsen. The radio play was very freeing to write, since I typically work on novels, and am often stuck in characters’ heads. Here, it’s all about plot and good dialogue, with a fun dose of melodrama. Melodrama has become a bad word in modern filmmaking, but I think that’s shortsighted. For every smart, quiet piece like Mad Men, there’s a Goodfellas, a Departed, A Carrie. Melodrama is awesome!”


is Joe Swanberg related to Norman Bates?

Vonia Lanian with Joe Swanberg.

Vonia Lanian

producer Glenn McQuaid with Petty and Langan

In the booth: Helen McTernan, Lanian, Swanberg, Mike Malfi Mafitano.

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