menage a trois with Doug Jones, Jeff Buhler and bondage loving bi-aural head

Jeff Buhler looking serious

“The first thought that went through my head when approached by the Glass Eye Pix boys to do an old school radio drama was how much stuff can I cram into thirty minutes of audio that would be ridiculously cost prohibitive to shoot on film? The resulting story includes deep space travel, destroyed colonies, black holes, primordial creatures, maniacal androids and lunar caves filled with underground waterfalls. Kind of a James Cameron brain abortion if it was salvaged and reconstructed by Rod Serling.

I nearly shit my pants when they told me Ron Perlman and Doug Jones of Hellboy fame (and too many other films to mention) were jumping in for the leads. I assembled the rest of the cast from actors I knew from INSANITARIUM and we met one Saturday afternoon in 105 degree heat in an old rock and roll studio in lovely Highland Park. This was classic radio drama at its best. Music stands, old school microphones, wooden stools. Everyone in the same room, recording live. And in under six hours the entire show was in the can. Try that on film.

The best part is hearing all those crazy ideas come to life. When entrusted to talented actors, the images come alive in your head in more visceral detail than the biggest tent pole movie. Audio frees the imagination to take you places visual mediums can only suggest. Even the best CGI sequence will never match the reality of closing your eyes and dreaming. That’s what audio drama is all about, letting your mind construct the world exactly as you imagine it to be. Our job is simply to act as tour guides along the way.”


Buhler, Jones, Ron Perlman, Molly Bryant, Mark Kelly

Rebecca Hughes, Molly Bryant and Zed Starkovich (with cotton in their mouths)


Buhler tries to direct the actors


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