“As soon as I heard about Larry and Glenn’s idea for Beyond The Pale I was keen to be a part of it. If I’m being honest, I don’t ever remember listening to any radio drama as a child and I’ve never listened to any as an adult. As a storyteller however and someone who creates stories through pictures it was a fascinating challenge to be involved in.

Once I’d written the script, I collaborated with my producer from Red White & Blue, Bob Portal, and my sound designer from the same film, Vince Watts. We recorded the dialogue with a bunch of young unknown but talented British and African actors and then handed the sound design over to Vince. He spent a week or so coming up with the template for what you’ll hear and then Bob and I went over to his studio for a 12 hour day and worked on making the piece more epic and dramatic in scope.

This included things like starting the opening few scenes with a leading sound design, using harsh cuts from scene to scene instead of fades to silence, and extending the gaps between some of the dialogue to give the scenes more dramatic or emotional resonance and ironically I think it’s these devices that make the piece sound more dynamic and, ironically, more like a film.”

A secluded studio in rural England where BRITISH AND PROUD was created.

Sound designer Vince Watts records a car honking for the show.


Watts builds the show

Writer/Director Simon Rumley looks on

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