August 17, 2012

GLASS EYE PIX, in association with FEAR-MONGERS
proudly presents


Glass Eye Pix, the fiercely independent film company behind STAKE LAND, THE INNKEEPERS and I SELL THE DEAD, in association with Clay McLeod Chapman’s FEAR-MONGERS: FIRESIDE CHATS ABOUT HORROR FILMS, is taking its successful audio dramas TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE out of the studio and onto the stage.

A new twist on the vintage radio shows of yesteryear, Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid’s TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE has already thrilled fans of the macabre with it’s first season of creepy dramas released last year. Now they are upping the ante and recording 8 original audio shows before a live audience.

Journey beyond the pale the first four Tuesdays in October as Fessenden and Co. present a double-bill of original genre stories performed by an exciting cast of special guests, and featuring live music, live foley, and live sound effects by a team of audio artisans. A feast for eyes and ears.

Each performance will be recorded and made available online to fans who can’t attend the live events. Plans to produce new studio-based Tales are also underway; the live and studio recordings will be collected and made available as Season 2 of Tales from Beyond the Pale. Season 1 is already available at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes and features such genre luminaries as Ron Perlman, Angus Scrimm, Vincent D’Onofrio and Michael Cerveris; Season 2 promises to keep up the tradition of esteemed voice talent, but who will show up to perform, for now, remains a closely guarded secret.

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