October 1, 2013





Featuring the voice talents of Sean Young, Mark Margolis, Ron Perlman, Doug Jones, Vincent D’Onofrio, James Le Gros and the regular TALES stable of audio artisans

FIRST DOUBLE BILL: “Look to the Skies!”


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(NEW YORK, NY—October 1, 2013) Celebrate the ramp up to Halloween and beyond with prolific production outfit Glass Eye Pix (BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD, STAKE LAND, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, I SELL THE DEAD, THE LAST WINTER) as we stream a series of carefully curated double bills straight from the TALES archives of spooky audio dramas.

We begin with two sci-fi tales from scribe Jeff Buhler (THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, JACOB’S LADDER reboot).

“Stranger,” from Season 2, was recorded live before an audience on October 9, 2012. Featuring John Speredakos (WENDIGO, I SELL THE DEAD) and Kate Lyn Sheil (YOU’RE NEXT), it tells the tale of four friends who escape the city to view a spectacular meteor shower high in a remote mountain range. Their encounter with a stranger who walks out of the woods changes their lives forever.

Second on the double bill is “This Oracle Moon” from Season 1, a studio production first presented November 16, 2010, featuring Ron Perlman and Doug Jones, together for the first time since the HELLBOY movies. A rescue team of astronauts is dispatched to a distant moon in hopes of reclaiming survivors from an ill-fated exploratory mission sent six years prior. When no survivors are found, the rescuers turn their attention to the elusive creatures inhabiting the nearby hills for answers.

Stay tuned for a different double bill each Tuesday and explore the diverse world of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE. All eighteen explosive tales are also available for download in the online store ( and are now available for purchase on Audible, iTunes and Amazon.  Best of all, the beautiful collector’s 5 CD box set, designed by Gary Pullin, is available for purchase for the avid collector. So many ways to enjoy TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE.

Produced and curated by Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden of Glass Eye Pix, and hosted by Fessenden, each thirty-minute episode from the Tales canon is written and directed by one of today’s horror auteurs including Joe Maggio (BITTER FEAST), Clay McLeod Chapman (HENLEY), Jeff Buhler (THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN), Ashley Thorpe (THE HAIRY HANDS), Kim Newman (ANNO DRACULA), Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD), Simon Barrett (YOU’RE NEXT), and Larry Fessenden (BENEATH), as well as Paul Solet (GRACE), Simon Rumley (RED WHITE AND BLUE), JT Petty (HELLBENDERS), Graham Reznick (I CAN SEE YOU), and Sarah Langan (THE KEEPER).

Conceived during a fog-drenched car ride by Fessenden and McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD, V/H/S), TALES continues the mission at Glass Eye Pix to celebrate and elevate individual voices in the arts and to bring the vast palette of moods that comprises the horror story to fans everywhere.

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