“When you listen to The Grandfather, I recommend listening with a good pair of headphones in a dark environment.  Eyes closed, preferably.

The Grandfather takes place on a crisp fall day – the reluctant end of summer – in a creaky old house during an intimate family backyard barbecue.  It is told in close to real time, with events unfolding around you (and in some moments, through you).

You’re invited to come into this world and experience reality as The Grandfather himself experiences it.  But be warned – it’s a subjective reality, and it can be just as upsetting as it can be pleasant.

Angus Scrimm, who plays The Grandfather (along with Matt Huffman, Kate Sheil, and Michael D’addario who play his family – and Brenda Cooney) does wonderful job of bringing us into the mind of someone who may no longer be experiencing the world the way others are seeing it.  A tragic state of affairs, but one that is not without hope.  It’s too bad, however, that The Grandfather believes that to realize this hope he must do some terrible and unspeakable things…  ”

director Graham Reznick holds auditions for Dorothy

Matt Huffman as James

Angus Scrimm as The Grandfather

Kate Sheil as Minnie




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