“The production of Trawler ended up being as rough and turbulent as the stretch of Ocean where the story takes place. The day started out with myself and AJ Bowen grabbing a coffee and heading down to Digit Audio, where Larry and I have recorded the majority of our Tales from Beyond the Pale. During the subway ride, I twisted my back ever so slightly and thought nothing more of it. By the time we got to the studio I was walking like a ninety year old and the pain was becoming considerable.

For most of the record I laid myself out, and directed (as best I could) Larry Fessenden, Christopher Denham and AJ from the floor. I have to admit, it was a disappointing day for me, but all’s well that ends well. The actors did a great job, AJ and Chris play beautifully off each other, and Larry is great fun as the salty auld bastard of the sea HACKETT, hats off to all of them for making the most of the day and putting in solid, fun performances.

I also want to thank my sound designer Jeff Seelye who worked tirelessly, transporting us firmly into the world written. Jeff and the entire crew at Digit Audio have gone above and beyond for Larry and I, TALES would not be half the show it is without them. Trawler marks a return collaborating for me with composer Jeff Grace. Jeff is, I have to say, one of the most talented, driven and creative composers I know, he effortlessly jumps into worlds, helping develop, compliment and improve them.

Thanks of course to my Pale brother, Larry Fessenden, here’s to making
art, Grimes!!

Trawler was written to the tunes of Uncle Sleazy, so I’d like to dedicate this tale to his memory: For Peter Christopherson 1955 -2010, thanks for the continued inspiration.”

Glenn McQuaid

design concepts for TRAWLER by TALES artist Gary Pullin

Christopher Denham

AJ Bowen

Larry Fessenden


director Glenn McQuaid

sound designer Jeff Seelye


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