Kate Bilinski

A Berklee graduate with a penchant for making noise, Kate Bilinski is a New York based sound designer, editor, and composer. Present in both the film and advertising worlds, she currently works with Dig It Audio Inc, and Big Foote Music and Sound and has collaborated with clients from Google to Disney and Sesame Street. […]

Jason Yachanin

can be seen in the horror anthology, V/H/S, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Forensic Files, and the Obie award winning production of Our Town. For fun with Jason, check out the BICHybrid Experience on You Tube. Jason also enjoys playing the drums, and hanging out with his Cockatiel, Ernie. Thanks to Katy, and the […]

Julian Maile

is a musician and composer based in NYC. Highlights include: playing “that’s what friends are for” with Stevie Wonder at AMFAR, “pump it up” with Elvis Costello at Night of a Thousand Stars, and “lola” with Ray Davies in his hotel room. Occasional forays into theatricals include the role of Shkp in the original production […]

Stranger – Crew

Stranger – Cast