Jeff Seelye

has been working at DigIt Audio since 2008 as a technical engineer and sound editor. He was sound editor on BITTER FEAST, STAKE LAND, THE TILLMAN STORY and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: REGENERATION, among many other titles. MAN ON THE LEDGE is Sellye’s first radio program.

Scott Ferrara

On Fillmore

Formed in the Summer of 2000, after performing together with Jim O’Rourke at the Melt Down Festival in London, acoustic upright bass and percussion duo ON FILLMORE creates original music that incorporates field recordings. Bassist Darin Gray and drummer Glenn Kotche recently completed their 4th full-length album, Extended Vacation, which covers new territory for the […]

Brenda Cooney

Brenda Cooney stars as Fanny Bryers in Glenn McQuaid’s I SELL THE DEAD. She “Meghan” in the indie film ACROSS DOT AVE. Her most recent theater endevour was in the play “Da” at the Heights Players in Brooklyn, which was well received. She has appeared in the Glass Eye Pix films THE OFF SEASON, AUTOMATONS, […]

Tom Knutson

is a New York actor of stage and screen as well as a dancer. He has appeared in numerous productions, including “Twelfth Night of the Living Dead” and “The Burial at Thebes” and “Artist Descending a Staircase”