Tales From Beyond The Pale, Season 2 LIVE! Complete Set plus DVD

GLASS EYE PIX is pleased to present the box set of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE LIVE!: SEASON 2, featuring 4 CDs, a DVD and twelve-page booklet. Staged before a live audience at the performance venue Dixon Place in downtown New York City, Tales Season Two delves even further beyond the pale with eight explosive tales to tickle your fancy and curdle your blood:

“Ram King” by Joe Maggio, “Like Father, Like Son” by Clay McLeod Chapman, “Stranger” by Jeff Buhler, “Dead Man’s Shoes” by Ashley Thorpe, “Sarah Minds the Dog” by Kim Newman, “The Crush” by Glenn McQuaid, “Dead Air” by Simon Barrett, and “Caper” by Larry Fessenden. The Tales are chillingly brought to life by the regular stable of performers and special guests Sean Young, Vincent D’Onofrio, Mark Margolis, James Le Gros, Michael Cerveris, Kate Lyn Sheil, Jonny Orsini and others, and narrated by your host, horror maverick  Larry Fessenden.

The beautiful box set, designed by celebrated graphic artist Gary Pullin, includes a very special bonus DVD with a half-hour documentary film entitled Behind The Curtain, which chronicles the history of the project and the staging of the live shows. Also included on the DVD are various video clips generated for the series, collected for the first time in Dispatches From Season 1.

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