Kevin Corrigan

a native of the Bronx, has been acting and writing since the age of sixteen. He made his film debut in 1989’s LOST ANGELS when he was just 17. He also had a small role in the classic film GOODFELLAS as the brother of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta). During the independent film boom of the 1990’s, he built a career playing quirky, unconventional characters in films such as TRUE ROMANCE, LIVING IN OBLIVION, WALKING AND TALKING, THE DEPARTED, and Fessenden’s THE LAST WINTER.

Corrigan got the opportunity to show his script-writing talents with the 1997 film KICKED IN THE HEAD. The film starred Corrigan, Michael Rapaport, Linda Fiorentino, Lili Taylor and was executive produced by Martin Scorsese. Corrigan became well-known for his role as the slacker Eddie Finnerty on the sitcom “Grounded for Life” which ran for five seasons. He is also an experienced guitarist and has played in several New York City bands.

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